ePuskesmas Strengthening Socialization in Sukabumi

Early this year 2023, Infokes Representatives again traveled to visit the Sukabumi area on the outreach agenda. Previously, our representatives often visited the Sukabumi City area to carry out various activities regarding the ePuskesmas application.

This time the visit was made to Sukabumi district on Friday 6 January 2023. During this visit we were also accompanied by representatives from APKASI (Association of Indonesian District Governments) who assisted in carrying out a joint meeting with the Sukabumi Regent at the pavilion at night.

Before meeting with the Regent, at first we visited the Sukaraja Health Center, Kab. Sukabumi, to carry out ePuskesmas outreach. The Sukaraja Health Center itself is the coordinator of the health center in one area which oversees 12 other health centers. So that this socialization becomes a momentum opportunity.

Why is this socialization being brought back, also because Kab. Sukabumi has a new Head of Health Service so that the introduction of ePuskesmas as a digital health information system can be seen and felt by both the Health Center and the District Health Office. Sukabumi.

After the implementation of this socialization and from the discussion of the results, the Health Office and representatives of the puskesmas seemed very enthusiastic and responded well to the ePuskesmas application. So that in the near future to be more convincing we will hold a socialization of the ePuskesmas application demo. In addition, representatives from APKASI helped to discuss with the Regent.

It is hoped that after this meeting the ePuskesmas will be able to help improve the quality of service quality and provide convenience to health facilities in Sukabumi Regency, which total 58 puskesmas in a digital and integrated manner.

Rafali M, Aru


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