Infokes Attend Garut Office of Health Ceremonial Invitation

Infokes Attend Garut Office of Health Ceremonial Invitation

In early 2023 After many times in contact with the Garut District Health office, Due to the high enthusiasm for using ePuskesmas, team representatives business from Infokes made a return visit to the district. Garut to meet to evaluate and formalize the use of ePuskesmas with the health office.

Together with the head of service and also representatives. The invitation to this agenda also came to Infokes as a provider of digital health information system services which are currently being used in more than 60 puskesmas in Garut. Where arrowroot itself has returned with Infokes since last August 2022.

Where in the process Garut district itself had made preparations such as wanting the ePuskesmas integration with the e-Kohort application, then there were also preparations for integration with BPJS and other applications. Furthermore, the user training was carried out in November.

So that in early December 2022 the Health Service and representatives of the puskesmas in Garut were able to use the ePuskesmas application independently. Even so, our presence on January 11, 2023 to the District Health Office. Garut is not only an invitational party but also to carry out evaluation activities.

This evaluation looks at the past month of using the ePuskesmas application in Garut as well as carrying out discussions regarding what was not understood during implementation. Making the evaluation process capable of optimizing user capabilities.

After the evaluation, the agency also stated their commitment for 2023 where they would use ePuskesmas this year and carry out ceremonial activities to sign contract documents and inaugurate ePuskesmas in Garut for 2023.

This provides a record where all 67 puskesmas continued the cooperation contract, accompanied by the head of the puskesmas who then wanted assistance for each puskesmas user.

Rafiali M., Aru


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