ePuskesmas Assistance for 14 Puskesmas in South Garut

ePuskesmas Health Information System from Infokes which is now renewable to be the Next Generation system re-intensified to the health centers in Indonesia. In West Java, especially in Garut Regency, after previously a grand training was held which involved 67 Community Health Centers.

Infokes: Pendampingan ePuskesmas untuk 14 Puskesmas di Garut

Now the Infokes business development team is returning to cover the Southern part of Garut Regency. Totaling two people, Infokes officers attend a maximum of 14 Community Health Centers to assist the ePuskesmas application.

In addition, Assistance by Infokes was carried out for one week starting from Monday, (31/1/2023) to (6/2/2023).

Health centers that receive assistance include:

  1. Cilawu Health Center
  2. Siliwangi Health Center
  3. Sukanegara Health Center
  4. Padaawas Health Center
  5. Samarang Health Center
  6. Cikajang Health Center
  7. Pamulian Health Center
  8. Cisewu Health Center
  9. Bungbulang Health Center
  10. Chimar Health Center
  11. Chikelet Health Center
  12. Pameungpek Health Center
  13. Cibalong Health Center
  14. Moroccan Health Center

This training contains how to use and explanation of the features contained therein. The response from the medical staff during the training was very good and very helpful for the ePuskesmas application. They also feel that ePuskesmas has more detailed features

Meanwhile, one of the Cikajang Health Centers, Tintin, a medical record officer, said that the ePuskesmas application was sufficient and could help with patient service activities there.

“The assistance provided by Infokes is easy to understand, we can immediately practice it on the spot,” said Tintin.


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