ePuskesmas First Training in Puskesmas Klaten

Routine visits to the Klaten area in late 2022 were able to produce results. In the end the Klaten Health Office decided to use the ePuskesmas Health information system service and contracted for use at its 34 puskesmas in December 2022.

Until the teambusiness from Infokes paid a visit for training which was held at the beginning of the year on January 3, 2023. The training was held in the presence of the Health office and representatives of the puskesmas. This training was carried out for two days by dividing it into several sessions because there were quite a lot of participants present.

This service management application with a digital and integrated basis is able to attract the attention of the Klaten Health Office. Where ePuskesmas which is connected to the eDinkes application is able to contain health data information that can be channeled properly in one area. So that the course of the training took place with enthusiasm.

This training contains how to use and explanation of the features contained therein. The response from the medical staff during the training was very good and very helpful for the ePuskesmas application. They also feel that ePuskesmas has more detailed features.

The agenda was able to run smoothly, representatives of the health service as well as poly representatives from each puskesmas experienced something new and ease in managing health services digitally.

Furthermore, it is hoped that the application can be used immediately and is able to improve the level of service in the Klaten area, as a pilot for digital integration of health services in Central Java.

Rafali M, Aru


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