Infokes: Kunjungan ke Kabupaten Simalungun SUMUT dalam agenda ePuskesmas

Infokes in North Sumatra, Socialize the ePuskesmas Application

In order to fulfill the product development. Infokes Indonesia Business Development Team sent representatives from several regions in Indonesia, to be precise to North Sumatra Province including the Siantar City Health Office, Simalungun Regency Health Office, and Labuhan Batu Regency Health Office. The discussion went on and ended on Friday (23/06/2023).

The meeting with the Health Office was intended to discuss plans as well as evaluate the public service system for health units in each region. Infokes also took this opportunity to explain the ePuskesmas application for service management of health facilities in each region.

As in Siantar City, a meeting with the Siantar City Health Office was held as part of the socialization agenda for the ePuskesmas application. Meeting with the Secretary of the Health Office, the Head of Yankes Health Office and the Head of the Puskesmas, Infokes officers explained what the ePuskesmas health information system is and what the application can do to improve the quality of health services at Health Facilities.

Infokes: Kunjungan ke Kota Siantar SUMUT dalam agenda ePuskesmas
Infokes: Kunjungan ke Kota Siantar SUMUT dalam agenda ePuskesmas

ePuskesmas itself is a health center patient service application system that has a systemcloud computing. So that ePuskesmas can be accessed on various devices with internet access.


Next, the Infokes officers headed to Simalungun Regency to meet with the Secretary of the Simalungun District Health Office and the Simalungun Health Service Head. The agenda is the same as in the previous place, namely socialization of the ePuskesmas application. However, in Simalungun District, 43 Community Health Centers attended. Representatives of the health centers conveyed many things related to security, service guarantees, constraints including input from each health center.

Infokes: Kunjungan ke Kabupaten Simalungun SUMUT dalam agenda ePuskesmas

Infokes, from the beginning of 2023 routinely visited several areas outside Java with the aim of developing the quality of service in public health units. Apart from the ePuskesmas application, Infokes also has other beneficial applications that can contribute to the scope of health services.

In the last place, the Infokes officer visited Labuhan Batu Regency. Meeting with the Head of Yankes Health Office of Labuhan Batu Regency, discussions regarding the ePuskesmas application were carried out smoothly. Parties from the District Health Office. Labuhan Batu is very interested in the ePuskesmas application, and will ensure that all puskesmas in Labuhan Batu Regency can join using the ePuskesmas application and encourage and ensure budgeting for paid contracts in the next year.

Pertemuan dgn Kabid Yankes dinkes Kab Lab Batu
Pertemuan dgn Kabid Yankes dinkes Kab Lab Batu

The Kabid Yankes Dinkes also wants a number of features in the ePuskesmas application to be added according to the needs in Labuhan Batu Regency, one of which is the development of certain features that can be integrated with the PSC 119 Program. The PSC 119 program is an emergency response ambulance service that runs in Labuhan Batu Regency. This request will be discussed more intensely when the ePuskesmas has been implemented in the puskesmas.


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