Infokes Rutin Lakukan Pendampingan dan Pelatihan Online

Infokes Routinely Performs Online Assistance and Training

Infokes in the context of developing the quality of service in public health units in Indonesia. Actively fulfilling the good agenda of mentoring, training, evaluation, and socialization. The agenda runs regularly this month, namely March 2023.

Infokes Rutin Lakukan Pendampingan dan Pelatihan Online

Furthermore, the agenda was carried out for the sake of developing the quality of health information systems in public health units in Indonesia. Infokes in its implementation sends one to three representatives, through the applicationvideo conferences, Infokes will fulfill the agenda that has become a monthly agenda. This is given equally to Puskesmas, Posyandu, Clinics, and other public health units.

The Health Information System is indeed obliged to participate in health services from health facilities to the community, especially after the issuance of the Regulation of the Minister of Health (Permenkes) of the Republic of Indonesia Number 24 of 2022 concerning Medical Records.

Therefore, since the beginning of 2023, representatives from Infokes have been intensively providing assistance, training, and outreach regarding Infokes’ health information system.

Applications or systems that are also provided with assistance and training, as well as socialization include ePuskesmas, eClinic, ePharmacy, eAntrian, eDinkes, ePosyandu, and others. It is also not possible for Infokes to integrate its system with the systems of other institutions to achieve the same goal.

There are nearly 30 agendas fulfilled by Infokes via Online in developing these health services. This shows Infokes’ commitment and consistency in serving public health units as users to continuously improve the quality of public health services.

Closing March 2023 yesterday, Infokes hopes that in April onwards more public health units will startaware for a digitalization-based service system that provides this convenience. So that services in the health sector will continue to improve and increase.


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