Infokes: Pendampingan dan Pelatihan ePuskesmas di Puskesmas Pembangunan Garut

Infokes helds ePuskesmas Training in Pangandaran and Garut

Infokes, after the socialization agenda and application assistance ePuskesmas in Public Health Centers and the Health Office in several Garut districts. Now Infokes representatives are back to fulfilling another agenda call, namely ePuskesmas application training for Puskesmas which will immediately implement ePuskesmas in their area.

Infokes: pendampingan epuskesmas Puskesmas Talegong
Infokes: pendampingan epuskesmas Puskesmas Talegong

The health centers that received training included the Talegong Health Center, Tarogong Health Center, Bayongbong Health Center, Development Health Center, Banjarwangi Health Center, and Cipanas Health Center. Not only in Garut Regency. Elsewhere, one of the Infokes representatives is on duty in Pangandaran, precisely in Parigi Regency. The training activities were carried out on the same day counting 4 days from Monday (13/03/2023) to Friday (16/03/2023).

Infokes: pendampingan Epukesmas di puskesmas tarogong.
Infokes: pendampingan EpuS di puskesmas tarogong.

In addition, ePuskesmas itself is a health information system (SIK) owned by Infokes Indonesia which is able to provide convenience in electronic medical records demanded by the government through Permenkes No. 24 of 2022. In addition, it has been integrated with other applications such as PCare BPJS and SATUSEHAT.
Infokes: Pendampingan ePuskesmas di PKM PEMBANGUNAN

The first day of the training activities took place at the Talegong Garut Health Center, simultaneously the Parigi District Health Center also carried out the training. This assistance includes how to use it and an explanation of what features are contained therein.

In practice, several puskesmas received direct training. The implementation of the ePuskesmas application is carried out when patients carry out their health activities at the puskesmas. This is done so that users of the ePuskesmas application from the Puskesmas can use it more effectively.

Infokes: Pendampingan ePuskesmas di PKM CIPANAS

Furthermore, the Tarogong Health Center, as well as the Parigi Health Center, are Health Centers that received training for two days, namely on March 14-15 2023 to maximize the use of the ePuskesmas application. Meanwhile, the other Community Health Centers only received one training session.
Infokes: Pendampingan ePuskesmas di PKM Banjarwangi

Only then on the third day, Development Health CenterGarut got his turn. Then proceeded to the Banjarwangi Health Center and the Cipanas Health Center as the final Health Center on the ePuskesmas application training agenda.

Infokes: Pendampingan ePuskesmas di PKM CIPANAS

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At the end of the activity, Alief, the officer in charge of conducting the training in Gaurt District expressed his impressions. According to him, the assistance that was carried out at each puskesmas had a different response, but the enthusiasm of the puskesmas staff and the Head of the Puskesmas for the assistance showed that the ePuskesmas application was indeed needed.

“This assistance is very important, Infokes has provided effective services for health centers as stakeholders in the health sector,” said an officer at one of the Health Centers in Garut Regency in an interview.

Great hope, added Alief. The use of the ePuskesmas application can be implemented immediately so that the puskesmas can provide even better services for the community.



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