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Infokes held a Meeting on DKI Jakarta due to Evaluations

On January 19 and 20, 2023. team business and Development PT Infokes carried out usage evaluation activities at the provincial Health office level in the use of the SiHepi application by then holding a District Health service meeting. Dharmasraya.

Accompanied by the Product Head, this monitoring and evaluation agenda was carried out on the ePuskesmas application which is integrated with the application for monitoring hepatitis data, namely SiHepi. The agenda was carried out together with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Health Office at the Kec. Health Center. Sunday market.

In this activity, representatives from the District Health Center were also present. Jagakarsa as a health center that has never used ePuskesmas. So that between activities, our team had the opportunity to hold discussions about how the ePuskesmas application works.


This is due to the interest of the Jagakarsa Health Center to implement ePuskesmas services in 2023.


Back again to the evaluation, this is one of the routine agendas carried out to ensure that users make the most of the applications provided by Infokes. This is for the sake of maintaining consistency and use of the application, and if there are updates to features, they are usually immediately conveyed on this agenda.

Furthermore, on January 20, representatives of the business team held a meeting with the Dharmasraya District Health Office, West Sumatra province. This meeting is an arena for discussion as well as signing of contracts to use ePuskesmas in 14 puskesmas in Dharmasraya,

So that in 2023 Kab. Dharmasraya is ready to return to using the ePuskesmas digital health information system. But before that, the Health Service wanted an in-person visit to Bandung, to be precise to the Infokes office which would be attended by the Health Office and all representatives of the Puskesmas. In order to get better information and find out how the Infokes team works in making trusted digital health services.


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