Infokes: sosialisasi-dan-pelatihan-aplikasi-epuskesmas-di-Dinas-kesehatan-kabupaten-Muara-Bungo-

Infokes at Jambi, on ePuskesmas Socialization & Training

Infokes, after the agenda in other Jambi areas, in Batang Hari Regency to be precise. Now Infokes representatives from the Business Development Team are again visiting the island of Sumatra. The latest agenda carried out, Infokes fulfills the application socialization and training agenda ePuskesmas in Muara Bungo Regency, on Wednesday, (08/03/2023).

Infokes: sosialisasi-dan-pelatihan-aplikasi-epuskesmas-di-Dinas-kesehatan-kabupaten-Muara-Bungo-
epuskesmas application socialization and training at the Muara Bungo district health office

The activity was attended by the Head of the Muara Bungo Regency Health Office, Bungo Branch Health BPJS Representatives, and the Head of the Puskesmas along with the ePuskesmas application guard.

ePuskesmas itself is a health center patient service application system that has a systemcloud computing. So that ePuskesmas can be accessed on various devices with internet access.

Infokes: sosialisasi-dan-pelatihan-aplikasi-epuskesmas-di-Dinas-kesehatan-kabupaten-Muara-Bungo-


This application has also been able to integrate with various applications from the Ministry of Health including PCare from BPJS, and of course it is guaranteed data security


This activity is an agenda that has not been carried out once in Jambi province. Previously, last February, Batanghari Regency and Sungai Rengas Regency widened the opportunity for ease of service by installing an eAntrian KIOSK machine owned by Infokes.

Only this time, Muara Bungo District received socialization as well as the first face-to-face training. Various parties involved, including the Muara Bungo District Health Office, see the ePuskesmas application as a good medium for improving the quality of community services in the health sector.

Infokes: sosialisasi-dan-pelatihan-aplikasi-epuskesmas-di-Dinas-kesehatan-kabupaten-Muara-Bungo-

The response given by the participants was very good, both the Health Office and the Puskesmas were enthusiastic and active in discussions in this activity. This shows that ePuskesmas has started to be recognized and is starting to be looked at as a good option in the implementation of digital services.

“The positive response from the Health Office, Puskesmas, and BPJS was very good. This makes us, PT Infokes always passionate about developing andmaintaining each of our products. In order to meet the needs of every health facility in Indonesia to provide excellent service with the conveniences provided,” said Fikri

Fikri hopes that the implementation of the ePuskesmas application in Muara Bungo Regency can be carried out soon. Also the Health Office and the public health units in Jambi Province can begin to be aware of digitalized services for the convenience of the community.



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