Infokes: evaluasi di klinik greencare

Infokes Enhances the Ease of Use of eClinic

Infokes through the agenda of outreach, mentoring and evaluation of intensive visits to health units and health institutions in several areas in West Java. There were four agendas running last week, to be precise, on Thursday (28/02/2023) to Monday. (6/03/2023) ago.

Infokes: sosialisasi eClinic di klinik oilia medical centre rorotan kota jakarta utara
sosialisasi eClinic di klinik medical centre rorotan kota jakarta utara

The agenda is one of Infokes’ activities in introducing Infokes products namely eClinic in health institutions in various regions including, Rorotan Medical Center Clinic, Jakarta; Greater Indonesia Health Foundation (KESIRA); Greencare Clinic, Bandung; and one of the pharmacies in Bandung, namely Cemara Antapani.

Infokes: evaluasi di klinik greencare
evaluasi eClinic di klinik greencare

The eClinic application is a web and mobile-based Clinical Management Information System. Used for monitoring and assisting service activities and clinical management as a Public Health Unit. Starting from registration, poly services, prescribing, and payment transactions.

Infokes: pendampingan eClinic di apotek Cemara Antapani (2)
pendampingan eClinic di apotek Cemara Antapani (2)
Each region is assisted by the Infokes business development team, carrying out each of the previously communicated agendas.


At the Rorotan Medical Center Clinic, the clinic enthusiastically welcomed the features in eClinic. And committed to implementation in 2 pratama clinics.

Furthermore, the team from Infokes also carried out socialization activities at the KESIRA Jakarta Foundation. As a result, there will be an agenda for implementing eClinic in one of the clinics owned by members of the Kesira Foundation.

Health units have been included in the socialization and mentoring agenda, namely the Greencare Clinic and Cemara Antapani Pharmacy, to receive assistance and evaluation to maximize the use of the eClinic application.

The Infokes team that goes into the field has the same commitment, namely to provide excellent service to all public health units and even community institutions in Indonesia so that the quality of service in the public health sphere can benefit.

eClinic is a presentation from Infokes, present as a medium to assist the Public Health Unit in facilitating health services, this happens because eClinic has features that are the needs of these two parties.


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