Infokes: sosialiasi asklin Bekasi

Infokes Promotes eClinic to ASKLIN Bekasi

In order to fulfill the product development agendaInfokes.The Infokes Indonesia Business Development Team sent representatives to Bekasi City on Saturday (11/03/2023). Meeting with the Bekasi Regency Indonesian Clinical Association (ASKLIN), Infokes representative Muhammad Azhar also provided socialization regarding eClinic.

Parties from ASKLIN welcomed the arrival of Infokes and expressed interest in the eClinic application.

Infokes: sosialiasi asklin Bekasi
Infokes: sosialiasi asklin Bekasi

The eClinic application is a web and mobile-based Clinical Management Information System. Used for monitoring and assisting service activities and clinical management as a Public Health Unit. Starting from registration, poly services, prescribing, and payment transactions.

eClinic is an offering from Infokes, present as a medium that can help Public Health Units in facilitating health services. After going through several changes, now finally eClinic has arrived at a new generation (New Generation) with lots of the latest features and updates that make it easier user usage.

In addition, eClinic complies with the standards of the Indonesian Ministry of Health (Permenkes No.24/2022 concerning Electronic Medical Records).


Furthermore, at this outreach, more than 54 clinics that are members of ASKLIN Bekasi City enthusiastically took part in the outreach activities. Socialization about eClinic explained how and how eClinic works and what benefits it has for the community.

At the end of the activity, Muhammad Azhar, a representative from infokes, was impressed that this activity paved the way for clinics in Indonesia, especially in Bekasi, to immediately transition to digital-based health services. According to him, there are many conveniences that will be obtained when the public health unit is aware of this.

Infokes: sosialiasi asklin Bekasi

“The response from the socialization participants was very enthusiastic, especially when explaining about the features of eClinic. The next step is to return awareness about this potential application to them. We hope that the clinic can immediately implement this eClinic application,” concluded Azhar.


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