eAntrian Training on Puskesmas Ciampea Bogor

After the use of ePuskesmas which was quite massive in the Bogor area, one by one the puskesmas began to be further interested in the application and features owned by PT Infokes. One of them came from the Ciampea health center who was interested in the use of a queuing machine and its application, namely eAntrian.

So this time our representatives carried out visits for user training. Because the Ciampea health center itself has ordered a Kiosk machine unit with full features because it already has a barcode scanner, thermal printer to be able to connect to the speakers in the puskesmas.

Because the machine is relatively new, the Infokes team always provides training so that puskesmas staff are proficient in using it and will be able to guide patients so that they can register independently via the kiosk machine.

During the training process, at the Ciampea Health Center, Kab. Bogor. Officers and PICs who had attended training at Cikopo took part in the process from start to finish to practical trials of using the machine. After that, the flow of using the queue becomes helpful.

With the support of adequate equipment, and the readiness and enthusiasm of the officers, this agenda ran smoothly. After that, because of the friendliness of the officers, our team was invited to hold a year-end gathering of Ciampea puskesmas staff at KTU’s house which is also part of the puskesmas’ annual evaluation.

The above motivates us to continue to provide maximum service by providing services customer service 24 hours a week and continue to strive for better service development.

-Rafiali Makarim, Aru


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