ePuskesmas Training in Kabupaten Batang Hari

On December 28, our representatives from PT Infokes Indonesia visited the Batang Hari Health office to conduct discussions as well as a little further socialization regarding the use of ePuskesmas as well as its integration with other applications.

In addition, there was also a discussion on the overall readiness of the puskesmas to use ePuskesmas. The Health Office also looks enthusiastic about using the ePuskesmas immediately.

The use of ePuskesmas itself in Batang Hari is a need for a Health Information System (SIK) that is able to provide convenience in electronic medical records demanded by the government through Permenkes No. 24 of 2022. In addition, it has been integrated with other applications such as PCare BPJS and SATUSEHAT.

Then the next day there was a visit to the Leban Community Health Center, where the activities carried out were not much different from the activities at the official office. This activity was attended by the head of the puskesmas and representatives from each poly.

“The Health Office also looks enthusiastic about using the ePuskesmas immediately”


Where the response of the puskesmas became more interested and felt helped by the existence of the ePuskesmas which would later be gradually used in early January while the ePuskesmas carried out bridging with the Batang Hari BPJS.

Furthermore, at the Sungai Rengas Health Center, Kab. Batang Hari has implemented eAntrian training. Unfortunately, the time for training for the Kiosk machine device had not yet arrived, so the training had to be simulated. Even so, colleagues from the puskesmas remained enthusiastic about participating.

In the process of this training, colleagues at the puskesmas were also interested in using the Klinisia Mobile application as one of the service supports to make it easier to deal with queues and consult with doctors via video.

Rafali M, Aru


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