ePuskesmas is Ready to be Implemented on Central Java

Tim business Infokes sent two representatives to the Central Java region, there are two agendas that will be implemented in two different regions. These areas are Klaten Regency and Banjarnegara Regency. Currently, the Klaten Return area is undergoing socialization for ePuskesmas, while Banjarnegara is already at the training stage.

For the Klaten area, this time the ePuskesmas use socialization was already at the Health Service stage, having previously conveyed it several times to puskesmas representatives. Which will be held on December 21, 2022.

In this socialization in Klaten, we together with the Health Service discussed the readiness process, starting from facilities and infrastructure to funding for every health facility in Klaten for the implementation of ePuskesmas.

In this ePuskesmas socialization, the district health office. Klaten stated its readiness to carry out in-person training in early 2023. So that digital optimization and fulfillment of Permenkes No. 24 can be immediately implemented in Klaten.

Then on December 22 and 23, our team continued their trip to Banjarnegara to provide training for nearly 35 puskesmas there. Of course, the training was attended by each health center from each polynya so that it lasted for two days.

The training serves to find out how to operate the application and utilize the features of the ePuskesmas, so that participants are required to bring a device (laptop) respectively in order to try directly.

The results are good and run smoothly even though in practice there are several inputs and wishes from the puskesmas regarding this application. However, in terms of readiness, Banjarnegara has been able to carry out independent use until an evaluation is held later.

-Rafiali Makarim, Aru


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