Infokes held KIA Socialization and Training on Tasikmalaya

Previously on September 20, 2022 team business from Infokes had a chance to make a visit to the district area. Tasikmalaya in discussing applications to support maternal and child health, one of which is the ePosyandu application owned by Infokes.
After the visit took place finally Infokes met again with the District Health Office. Tasikmalaya after agreeing to a collaboration between the Health office and PT Infokes in forming the ‘Sayang Ibu’ application.

Infokes held KIA Socialization and Training on Tasikmalaya

This application is a service management application that is used in posyandu on a digital basis and has been integrated with other health facility applications such as ePuskesmas and eDinkes which are capable of containing health data information that can be channeled properly in one area.
On this visit to the district health office. Tasikmalaya, the Infokes representative again conducted socialization as well as training on the ‘Dear Mother’ application based on the ePosyandu application which is a service management application for Mother and Child Health (KIA) owned by Infokes.

Infokes held KIA Socialization and Training on Tasikmalaya

This training was able to take place after in October the application was submitted to the Regent and his staff to immediately be able to use it at all posyandu in Tasikmalaya which is the first service for maternal, child health and family planning.

So that the training which includes how to use it and an explanation of what features are contained in it can be carried out smoothly in the presence of representatives of the Health Service as well as representatives of the Posyandu. So that the application can be immediately used and able to improve the level of service at Posyandu.


-Rafiali M, Aru.

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