Infokes Holds Second ePuskesmas Training in Pekalongan

A return visit was made to Pekalongan by the Infokes team, held on 6 December 2022 at the Kajen 2 health center, Kab. Pekalongan. Even though previously in the Pekalongan area assistance had been carried out starting from the initiator health center and finally to a total of 20 health centers.

In this training, the Kajen 2 health center carried out lectures on the use of ePuskesmas again. This was done because the puskesmas employees felt that they had not maximized their use of ePuskesmas. Coupled with the change in the head of the puskesmas which caused a desire from the head to know more about the implementation of ePuskesmas.

So they decided to invite the Infokes team back to Pekalongan to maximize usage. Because there was a desire to improve, this retraining was carried out.

This is also at the same time an evaluation for the Kajen 2 health center and the existing health center in Pekalongan. That within a certain period of time, if the use of the application is felt to be not optimal, it will be able to conduct return training with the responsibility of the puskesmas concerned.

Furthermore, after conducting the training, the head of the puskesmas stated his support for the use of the ePuskesmas application and was committed to faithfully using it. This is felt because ePuskesmas can be used more flexibly and has more complete features compared to similar health information system applications.

The above motivates us to continue to provide maximum service to users, including by providing servicescustomer service 24 hours a week and continue to strive for better service development.

-Rafiali Makarim, Aru


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