Puskesmas se-Kota Pekanbaru Sepakat Gunakan ePuskesmas

Puskesmas in Pekanbaru Agree to Use ePuskesmas

Infokes, is still on a mission to improve the quality of health services in Indonesia. Now flying to Pekanbaru City to meet with the Dinkes and Puskesmas through out Pekanbaru City to socialize the use of the ePuskesmas application. This activity was carried out on Tuesday (21/02/2023). In the Pertemuan Penyusunan Profil Kesehatan 2022 Puskesmas dan Rumah Sakit Se-Kota Pekanbaru Tahun Anggaran 2023 Forum at the Furaya Hotel.

sosialisasi epuskesmas dengan dinkes dan seluruh kepala puskesmas di kota pekanbaru
sosialisasi epuskesmas dengan dinkes dan seluruh kepala puskesmas di kota pekanbaru

Next, the series of activities included presentations on the ePuskesmas application, explaining how and what the features are in the ePuskesmas application.

In Addtion, this application is a digital service management application that has been integrated with other health facility applications. So that health data information can be channeled properly in one area. 

The ePuskesmas service itself received a good response from the Dinkes and Puskesmas. Participants listen and ask questions that lead to further communication to establish cooperation.

“All puskesmas in Pekanbaru City have agreed to use ePuskesmas application. The MoU draft is being studied and submitted to the head of the health office to be signed,” said Andri, the related Infokes officer.

This meeting yielded good results for both parties. With the joining of the Dinkes and Puskesmas, public health services will continue to improve through the ePuskesmas application.

Andri hopes that the  Dinkes and Puskesmas Pekanbaru City also Infokes will continue to synergize and create good cooperation. The implementation of the ePuskesmas application will soon be realized in Pekanbaru City.

“The next agenda is ePuskesmas assistance and training. We will continue to try to provide good service for our stakeholders and also the community,” concluded Andri.



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