Infokes: Kunjungan Dinkes Kab Malang

Infokes Meets the Kab Malang, Actively Holds Discussions

After the field agenda related to ePuskesmas in many areas in Indonesia. Infokes now the arrival of the Malang District Health Office on Wednesday, (07/02/2023) to the head office of PT Infokes Indonesia. Precisely at PALM BRIDGE Jalan Cukang Kawung, Bandung City. The visit was attended by eight representatives from the Health Office including the Malang District Health Office Secretary.

Infokes: Kunjungan Dinkes Kab Malang

District Health Office Representative Malang was then welcomed by the Business Development team to be re-directed in the discussion that had become the agenda for the visit.

Malang Regency is an area that has subscribed to the Infokes application for a long time

In discussion forums apart from light discussions, an evaluation of the ePuskesmas and ePharmasi applications was also carried out. Malang Regency, which has subscribed for 7 years since 2017, is one of the areas of cooperation that has successfully implemented digital-based health services. Counting 39 Community Health Centers in Malang Regency have used ePuskesmas including ePharmasi in their activities at the pharmacy warehouse.

Infokes: Kunjungan Dinkes Kab Malang

“Infokes always provides responsive service when problems occur,” said Mrs. Lisa

Malang District Health Office Health Information System Manager, Mr. Akhwan said, ePuskesmas and ePharmasi as products from Infokes tend to be dynamic. In addition to meeting the factors considered by the District Health Office. Malang and indicators of service fulfillment, have a good maintenance service.

The ePuskesmas system is developing, growing with us. This system has owned and is capable of providing for our needs since we have used ePuskesmas. Of course, we hope that there will be other developments that we can adopt. The agenda carried out today aims for that. On this day This is us, bringing our team to have discussions in order to develop system modules according to the latest regulations,” explained Akhwan, Manager of the Health Information System for the Malang District Health Office.

Mrs. Lisa, the Pharmacist in charge of the Pharmacy Installation also added that there were many benefits after Malang Regency implemented e-Pharmacy in its activities at the Health Center and Pharmacy Warehouse. Especially related to drug management, because previously the health facilities there still used a manual system which tended to be vulnerable. With this system, everything is neatly arranged, it’s easier to retrieve and input data so that the information is not missing or defective.

“I’m afraid, because this is a system I’m worried that there will be obstacles that will be difficult to fix later. But it doesn’t stop at the socialization or training agenda, Aftersales and Infokes maintenance services continue, Infokes always provides responsive service when problems occur,” said Mrs. Lisa

Until the end of the visit, the Malang Regency Health Office and Infokes were committed to continuing to collaborate to develop public health services in Malang Regency.



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