Infokes di Pangandaran, Dampingi Penggunaan ePuskesmas

Infokes in Pangandaran, Accompanying the Use of ePuskesmas

Infokes in the assistance agenda is still running intensely, Pangandaran City is still one of the locations where Infokes actively contributing to assisting health institutions within the scope of community service. The next assistance will be held on Tuesday (02/05/2023) namely in Pangandaran Regency. The Infokes business development team fulfilled the invitation for application assistance ePuskesmas

Infokes di Pangandaran, Dampingi Penggunaan ePuskesmas

The Infokes team went to the Mangunjaya Health Center for two days. This assistance includes how to use it and an explanation of what features are contained therein.

ePuskesmas itself is a Health Information System (SIK) owned by Infokes which is able to provide convenience in electronic medical records demanded by the government through Permenkes No. 24 of 2022. In addition, it has been integrated with other applications such as PCare BPJS and SATUSEHAT.

Infokes di Pangandaran, Dampingi Penggunaan ePuskesmas

In addition, this assistance is Infokes’ follow-up agenda in using the ePuskesmas application in the Pangandaran area. Previously, many Community Health Centers in the Pangandaran area had tried to use the ePuskesmas application. The mentoring agenda was carried out as a procedure before finally the health centers agreed to use the ePuskesmas application intensely and periodically.

The Head of the Mangunjaya Health Center also gave his impression of the assistance, according to him the ePuskesmas application would be a good medium to be implemented later.



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