Infokes: pelatihan aplikasi ePuskesmas di puskesmas Tasikmalaya

Infokes Helds ePuskesmas Training in Tasikmalaya City

Infokes, after a trip to Tasikmalaya City in February 2023. Now Infokes representatives are visiting the city again in training and mentoring the use of one of the Infokes products namely ePuskesmas. This activity was carried out for 7 days from Monday (13/03/2023) to Tuesday (21/03/2023).

Infokes: pelatihan aplikasi ePuskesmas di puskesmas Tasikmalaya

Sending four accompanying officers, there were 12 Community Health Centers whose information officers arrived for ePuskesmas application training including, Cipatujah Health Center, Sukaraja Health Center, Karangjaya Health Center, Parungponteng Health Center, Cikatomas Health Center, Karangunggal Health Center, Pagerageung Health Center, Salopa Health Center, Tanjungjaya Health Center, Cisayong Health Center, Health Center Leuwisari, and Ciawi Health Center.

Infokes: pelatihan aplikasi ePuskesmas di puskesmas Tasikmalaya

The training was carried out as a form of public health unit awareness of not achieving excellent service so that they are committed to continuing to improve the quality of community services by using the ePuskesmas application.

The first day’s training activities were carried out simultaneously in three Community Health Centers including Cipatujah, Sukaraja, and Karangjaya Health Centers. Meanwhile, almost all of the Community Health Centers that held the training lasted two days except the Cipatujah Health Center and the Sukaraja Health Center. This is done to maximize the use of the ePuskesmas application.

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This assistance includes how to use it and an explanation of what features are contained therein. Puskesmas in practice, receive direct training. The implementation of the ePuskesmas application is carried out when patients carry out their health activities at the puskesmas. This is done so that users of the ePuskesmas application from the Puskesmas can use it more effectively.

Infokes: pelatihan aplikasi ePuskesmas di puskesmas Tasikmalaya

ePuskesmas itself is a health information system (SIK) that is able to provide convenience in electronic medical records demanded by the government through Permenkes No. 24 of 2022. In addition, it has been integrated with other applications such as PCare BPJS and SATUSEHAT.

So that it is felt to be able to bring ease of service to the health centers in Tasikmalaya.

Inviting junior personnel, the Cikalong Health Center in Tasikmalaya Regency was very enthusiastic when the presentation and training regarding ePuskesmas were given. The agenda was able to run smoothly, the response given by the participants was very good. The Community Health Center is enthusiastic and active in discussions in training activities.

This shows that ePuskesmas has started to be recognized and is starting to be looked at as a good option in the implementation of digital services.


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