Infokes: Pendampingan eFarmasi untuk Banjarnegara

Infokes Assists Banjarnegara in the Use of eFarmasi

Infokes Business Development Team took a trip to Banjarnegara in order to fulfill the agenda for assisting in the implementation of the use of Infokes products, namely ePuskesmas and eFarmasi. This activity was carried out for two days starting on Monday, (20/03/2023).

Infokes: Pendampingan eFarmasi untuk Banjarnegara
Infokes: Pendampingan eFarmasi untuk Banjarnegara

The implementation of the use of ePuskesmas and eFarmasi was given to all service unit representatives at the Banjaregara Health Center. The activity was attended by the Head of the Banjarnegara Health Office, representatives of the Puskesmas and the Head of the Puskesmas, IFK Officers, Program Officers and representatives of the PIC drug division from all Puskesmas.

On the first day, the Infokes officer visited the Puskesmas representative to provide an understanding of the eFarmasi application.

Infokes: Pendampingan eFarmasi untuk Banjarnegara

Then on the second day, all representatives of health centers in Banjarnegara were gathered in the framework of socialization regarding the relationship between ePuskesmas and eFarmasi.

eFarmasi is an application for pharmaceutical warehouse management that helps to facilitate all administrative matters, starting from taking care of stock taking and then making LPLPO automatically, making report charts and recapitulations, to special features for receiving drug orders directly. Direct drug orders can be made through integrated applications such as ePuskesmas.

As with ePuskesmas, eFarmasi also has an integrated system and has a system cloud computing which makes this application accessible on various devices with only the internet.

The activities which included outreach, training, and mentoring went well. All parties involved in the activity gave an enthusiastic response.


Infokes: Pendampingan eFarmasi untuk Banjarnegara

The Infokes officer who accompanied the activity expressed his impression of the assistance, according to him ePuskesmas and eFarmasi were very welcome. Given the several obstacles that occurred in the Banjarnegara health environment, especially the puskesmas had the same constraints.

“Hopefully, the Bangkalan District Health Center can immediately implement the ePuskesmas and eFarmasi applications. We Infokes will always be ready to continue to provide excellent service to our users,” concluded Taufiq, Infokes representative in the event.



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