Infokes held MONEV of ePuskesmas in West Kutai

Representatives of Field Technical Officer PT Infokes, on December 15 2022 departed to visit the West Kutai Regency, East Kalimantan for almost one week. The trip was carried out in conducting an ePuskesmas evaluation. This agenda was carried out with the West Kutai health office, which was aimed at maximizing the use of the application.

The evaluation lasted for several days, with the first day being carried out together with the West Kutai district health office which took place in the Jempang sub-district hall attended by the sub-district head, heads of departments, heads of planning sub-divisions and representatives of the puskesmas.

“This agenda was aimed at maximizing the use of the application”


This evaluation program is always opened by the Health Office and the head of the Puskesmas who are undergoing evaluation. And then it was followed by a discussion regarding the problems that occurred at the puskesmas while using the ePuskesmas application, including several puskesmas that were constrained by unstable networks and electricity. Where for these constraints our team proposes to carry out the processinput in a place where there is internet access or installing a satellite at the puskesmas.

In some puskesmas in West Kutai there has also been a change in person in charge, so that the puskesmas colleagues who work at the puskesmas do not yet understand how to do this.input.

So that the next agenda is to carry out socialization of patient flow standards from the time the patient is registered to payment at the cashier, then discussions about managing drug stocks from stock procurement to distribution to puskesmas/networks

The discussion agenda also, of course, discusses obstacles related to problems that occur at puskesmas while using the ePuskesmas application, up to discussions regarding BPJS online queues and discussing delay features, master data and reports.

Lambing Health Center, they provide suggestions for increasing the competitiveness of each health center, they are always high in input and get the first rank to getreward dari PT Infokes.

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