Infokes Held Integration Discussion of Regional Applications

Infokes Held Integration Discussion of Regional Applications

Bogor Regency is the main user of the Infokes application, namely ePuskesmas. Where ePuskesmas is an application that is easily integrated with various applications. Because of its convenience, ePuskesmas is also able to integrate with other applications outside of the application owned by Infokes.

Like several applications from BPJS and the Ministry of Health for example; SiHepi which is a comprehensive hepatitis virus management application. There is also ePuskesmas integration with other applications such as Mobile JKN, Sisrute and others.

This time, Infokes together with the Communication and Informatics Office of Kab. Bogor held meetings and discussions which were held at the District Office of Communication and Information. Bogor on 22 November 2022.

This meeting discussed the wishes of the Kab communication and informatics service. Bogor to integrate the ePuskesmas application which represents the contents of health medical records, to combine data with the ‘Kabogoh Idaman’ application

The “Kabogoh Idaman” application which stands for: ‘Great Bogor Regency, Information in the Hand’. It is a regional-scale government service liaison system as a form of support for the Electronic-Based Government System.

It is hoped that in the future all government applications and public services will be integrated with this application and can be accessed with just one click to know Bogor is in your hands.

Previously there was ‘Si Oke’ which was an application resulting from innovation from the District Health Office. Bogor as a drug supply system and health-based supplies website integrated with ePuskesmas.

Meanwhile, ePuskesmas is a digital-based health information system application created by Infokes and used by Kab. Bogor in more than 100 health centers since June 2022.

Therefore, Diskominfo wants integration from ePuskesmas with the central application owned by Kab. Bogor to create a centralized flow of data information contained in Bogor.

Rafali M, Aru.

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