Infokes Sosialisasikan ePuskesmas ke Jawa Tengah

ePuskesmas outreach to Central Java and Yogyakarta

ePuskesmas outreach to Central Java and Yogyakarta

After previously the Infokes team was on a visit to Central Java, starting a visit to the Pekalongan area (26/2) on the agenda for evaluating the use of ePuskesmas. This time the team Infokes continued the trip to the Semarang and Yogyakarta areas in the

socialization agenda for the ePuskesmas application.
Where on October 27 until 3 days after, the team will depart from Semarang and be in Jogja to visit several districts on the socialization agenda for the ePuskesmas Health Information System (SIK) application.
On the agenda in Semarang, the team visited the Semarang City Health Office, and met with Health Information staff at the Semarang City Health Office. Our team also held discussions with the Health Office regarding the use of SIK in the Semarang area.

The Semarang area itself is currently trying to develop its own application so that in the future it can collaborate with Infokes through the ePuskesmas system or other supporting applications such as eAntrian, eDinkes etc.
After coming from Semarang, the team immediately continued their journey to the DIY area, to be precise, to Kab. Kulon Progo and Kab. Sleman. In the two districts the team carried out presentations in front of the respective district office representatives.

The Health Office of the two districts also welcomed and took an interest in the ePuskesmas application, it’s just that each district has something in common with the city of Semarang, where they developed their own SIK application. So it requires some consideration in submission and collaboration.
Even so, from the Sleman area there is more interest in the eClinic application which is able to support clinical services and administration digitally. This arose because in the clinical realm there was still no significant service development so that the arrival of Infokes to the Sleman area was able to bring about changes from the clinic level.


Rafiali Makarim, Aru

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