Lebak Increases the Use of ePuskesmas

Lebak Increases the Use of ePuskesmas


INFOKES.CO.ID, LEBAK -The Lebak region, Banten, decided to work together in digital transformation for a health information system using an application from Infokes. The application is an ePuskesmas that is used in 20 puskesmas and has been running since the assistance was held in April 2022.
Until finally in July and August 2022 Lebak Regency gradually increased the use of ePuskesmas in its area.


Starting in July 2022, Lebak added 5 puskesmas to use ePuskesmas and immediately included assistance. Furthermore, in August 2022, another 15 Community Health Centers joined to use the ePuskesmas.

So that the total number of puskesmas that have joined using ePuskesmas is 40 out of a total of 43 puskesmas in Lebak.

This makes it easier to share health information and data in the Lebak area because the ePuskesmas application is integrated with each other all the way to the health office area.


Finally, assistance was carried out again starting on Tuesday (30/8) and lasted until 16 September 2022 for 15 newly joined puskesmas. This activity serves to optimize the application implementation.

By being accompanied by using the application directly in each part of the health center starting from registration then going to each poly section to the prescription or inpatient delivery section.

Hopefully, with the implementation of ePuskesmas in all puskesmas in the Lebak area, it will be able to improve the level of service and make it easier to share health data information.

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