Jambi Receives ePuskesmas Application Training Once More

Jambi Receives ePuskesmas Application Training Once More

Representatives of Business Development PT Infokes, went back to Jambi, on November 10 2022. this time in order to conduct training in using the ePuskesmas application.

This trip to Jambi was to visit several cities and districts at the same time, including Kerinci Regency, Sungai Full City, and the Batang Hari region.

The first area visited was Kerinci District, where in this area there are 18 health centers and new ePuskesmas users who are currently undergoing training. Then there is the neighboring area of ​​Kerinci, namely Sungai Full City which has 11 health centers that have also just joined using ePuskesmas.

In contrast to the mentoring that is carried out to each poly in the health center. The training activities took place by gathering representatives of the puskesmas and some of their polyclinic representatives in one place to transfer knowledge about how to use and maximize the features owned by ePuskesmas.

The first training held in Kab. Kerinci was able to carry out well, and even led to optimism from colleagues at the puskesmas and the health office regarding the use of ePuskesmas. They also hope that using this application will be able to answer the needs of the health office and puskesmas in Kab. Kerinci in fulfilling electronic medical records.

Furthermore, the same thing was experienced by the Health Office of Sungai Full City, where after the training agenda ran smoothly, the officers seemed enthusiastic about the presence of the ePuskesmas in the city of SungaiFull because it was able to provide various facilities.

The positive things above make us, PT Infokes always passionate about developing and maintaining each of our products is even always available 24/7 to serve every user. In order to meet the needs of every health facility in Indonesia to implement excellent service with the facilities provided.

Rafali M, Aru.


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