Infokes: Sosialisasi ePuskesmas Dinkes Kabupaten Bangkalan

Infokes Presents ePuskesmas, Kab. Bangkalan Ready to Join

Tim Business Development Infokes covering to Bangkalan Regency, East Java, on Wed, (15/3/2023). This trip was intended to carry out training and implementation of the use of one of the Infokes products, namely ePuskesmas.

Infokes: Sosialisasi ePuskesmas Dinkes Kabupaten Bangkalan

The implementation of the use of the ePuskesmas was given to all representatives of service units at the Bangkalan District Health Center. The activity was attended by the Head of the Bangkalan Regency Health Office and representatives as well as the Head of the Puskesmas and the officer on duty for the ePuskesmas application.

ePuskesmas itself is a health information system (SIK) that is able to provide convenience in electronic medical records demanded by the government through Permenkes No. 24 of 2022. In addition, it has been integrated with other applications such as PCare BPJS and SATUSEHAT.

Infokes: Sosialisasi ePuskesmas Dinkes Kabupaten Bangkalan

Furthermore, in this activity the Infokes representative explained in full and in detail as well as doing practice to all participants. The explanation in question is about the features of ePuskesmas: benefits, convenience, and how it works.

Also, the series of discussions between Infokes, the Bangkalan District Health Office, and the Head of the Puskesmas went well and found common ground that would be useful in the future. At the end of the event, 22 Community Health Centers in Bangkalan Regency will join Infokes in cooperating with the use of the ePuskesmas application.


This shows that ePuskesmas is indeed an application that is currently needed by community service units.


The Infokes officer who accompanied the activity expressed his impression of the assistance, according to him the ePuskesmas was very welcome. Given the several obstacles that occurred in the health environment of Bangkalan Regency, especially the puskesmas had the same constraints.

“Hopefully, the Bangkalan District Health Center can immediately join and implement the ePuskesmas application and immediately provide benefits and conveniences for the community through the ePuskesmas application. We Infokes will always be willing to continue to provide excellent service to our users,” concluded Alip Awaludin, Infokes representative in the ePuskesmas Socialization Agenda at the Bangkalan District Health Office.

By joining the District Health Office and Health Center. In using the ePuskesmas application, Infokes is committed to being ready to serve its users so that the quality of health services in Bangkalan Regency can be improved.


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