Evaluation of the Use of ePuskesmas in West Kalimantan

Evaluation of the Use of ePuskesmas was held in West Kalimantan


At the end of November, precisely on November 21, 2022. teambusiness and Development PT Infokes carries out evaluation activities on the use of ePuskesmas. This activity was carried out in one of the user areas in West Kalimantan, precisely in Mempawah Regency.

This evaluation was carried out in a few days, after a few months back in Kab. Mempawah uses the ePuskesmas application independently after the previous training was held in September.

This is one of the agendas and part of Infokes’ commitment to always do thismonitoring and evaluation. In order to ensure that users make the most of the applications that have been agreed upon for use.

Of course, activities like this are carried out, in order to maintain consistency and use of the application, and if there are updates to features, they are usually immediately conveyed to this agenda. Apart from that, this agenda is usually carried out in order to create direct discussions from users with us as service providers. So that input and suggestions can be directly conveyed.

This time the evaluation was carried out at the puskesmas level so that the participants who attended were representatives of the puskesmas and several people from the Health Service such as the head of the service, the head of the Health Information System section including representatives from the BPJS.

So that this evaluation includes how it is used at the puskesmas level and its implementation including the implementationinputdata. Overall, the service gave a good response. Because the head of the service himself appreciated it and the BPJS also felt helped by the presence of this ePuskesmas because of the various facilities provided.

Rafiali M, Aru. 

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