Launching ePuskesmas by Regent District Merangin
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August 4, 2016 Moerang District Health Office officially launched Telkom ePuskesmas service along with the implementation of bridging ePuskesmas and Pcare BPJS Kesehatan by Bpk. H. Al Haris, S.Sos, M.H. as the Regent of Kab. Merangin, this ePuskesmas service is an old aspiration of the District Head of Merangin after previously in 2014 the banchmark through the District of Basiasi as the initial user of Telkom ePuskesmas services.

Photo: Opening of ePuskesmas launching by Mr. H. Al Haris, Sos, M.H. as the Regent of Kab. Merangin

In addition to the Regent of the District of Merangin (Mr. H. Al Haris, S.Sos, M.H.), Head of the District Health Office. Merangin (Dr Solahudin), GM Telkom Area Jambi (Mr.Epi Antonius), CMO of PT. Infokes Indonesia (Mr. Ganjar Santosa) along with the BPJS (Ibu Sari) participated in the launching of the ePuskesmas.

Photo: Signing of the ePuskesmas contract by the Head of the District Health Office, Merangin, Mr. Solahudin

The launching was marked by a keystroke by the District Head of Malang. That the inauguration of superior services was launched in Kabupaten Merang, particularly in the field of improving the quality of health services using ePuskesmas and continued with the signing of ePuskesmas contracts for thirteen Puskesmas in Kab. Merangin by the Head of Kab.

Photo: Photo session with (left) Regent of Malang Regency, Kadinkes Kab. Merangin, AM Telkom, Telkom GM and CMO PT. Infokes Indonesia

The launching of ePuskesmas was ended by previewing the ePuskesmas application to the Regent by Mrs. Fajar as the data and information from the Merangin District Health Office, even the Regent was very enthusiastic to see the data and information submitted by the Dinkas team and hoped that the eReferral in the ePuskesmas feature could be implemented in Merangin District so that the Puskesmas can make referrals online to the Hospital.


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