Evaluation of the Bridging System of the Bali Provincial Health Office
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INFOKES.CO.ID, BALI - The SISRUTE (Integrated Referral System) application is an application developed directly by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, in accordance with the letter from the Directorate of Health Services of the Ministry of Health number YR.04.02/III/6014/2018 dated December 10, 2018 regarding the use of SISRUTE in all health facilities in the province, as an information system for the implementation of integrated IT-based health services, improves the performance of health facilities by digitizing IT e-referrals and to speed up the referral and referral process according to the patient's medical needs and the competence of health facilities.

Almost all health facilities are currently implementing SISRUTE, including the Bali Provincial Health Office. The SISRUTE application is being tested in all City/Regency Health Offices in the Province of Bali, and the things being tested include the referral bridging process from the Health Information System.

In the province of Bali, there are 3 regencies whose bridging process has been tested with the NG ePuskesmas service in the last few weeks, namely the Klungkung District Health Office, Badung District Health Office and Gianyar District Health Office.

On November 5, all City/Regency Health Offices in Bali Province were evaluated directly by the Ministry of Health after several weeks of testing the SISRUTE application. There are many parties involved in this SISRUTE bridging evaluation activity, including those from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health's Data and Information Center, the Bali Provincial Health Office, all City/Regency Health Offices in Bali Province and all vendors of Health Information System developers in Bali Province who the application is also tested for bridging with this SISRUTE application.

The results were quite encouraging for Infokes because the results of the evaluation were services from Infokes, namely ePuskesmas NG, which came out with very good results because the bridging process was 100% carried out from the ePuskesmas NG application to the SISRUTE application of the Ministry of Health.

All ePuskesmas users in Bali Province received appreciation from all participants who attended because they could directly practice the SISRUTE bridging process without any obstacles.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Health will evaluate live to each Puskesmas in inputting the SISRUTE.

Infokes Indonesia as the developer of an integrated Health Information System in Indonesia will be very happy and ready to assist Health Offices throughout Indonesia in providing excellent, fast and real-time health services.

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