Evaluation of ePuskesmas Services at the Pasar Rebo District Health Center
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INFOKES.CO.ID, EAST JAKARTA - Pasar Rebo District Health Center, East Jakarta is an active user of ePuskesmas services since 2017 until now. The ePuskesmas service is implemented at 6 Puskesmas points, namely 1 District Health Center (Puskesmas Pasar Rebo District) and 5 Village Health Centers (Puskesmas Baru Village, Cijantung Village Health Center, Pekayon Village Health Center, Kalisari Village Health Center, Gedong Village Health Center).

Currently in the East Jakarta area, all of them are users of the ePuskesmas service from Infokes, yes indeed the East Jakarta area is the most compact area in DKI Jakarta Province in terms of implementing the Health Information System.

In terms of implementing ePuskesmas services, Infokes usually provides services to its users in the form of evaluation services which are held every 3 months. In these evaluation activities, the Puskesmas usually describes how the use of ePuskesmas services as a whole, if it is felt that there is still something lacking, it can also be conveyed directly to the representatives from Infokes who were present at the evaluation event. This has been carried out by Infokes together with the Pasar Rebo District Health Center on August 27, 2021.

In the course of East Jakarta implementing ePuskesmas services, there have been several ePuskesmas updates, and the last one that has been used to date is the Next Generation version of ePuskesmas or better known as ePuskesmas NG.

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