ePuskesmas NG Now Available in Gianyar Regency
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INFOKES.CO.ID, GIANYAR DISTRICT - Bali Province is one of the many users of NG ePuskesmas services. In Bali Province itself, NG ePuskesmas services are used by the Badung District Health Office which has implemented it earlier and recently, the Gianyar Regency Health Office has just joined to implement NG ePuskesmas services.

At the Gianyar Regency Health Office, NG ePuskesmas services are implemented in all Puskesmas where a total of 13 Puskesmas points are in the Gianyar Regency Health Office.

The Gianyar Regency Health Office has added a number of ePuskesams NG service users in Bali Province. In the future, perhaps other City / District Health Offices scattered in Bali Province could also promote "One Island. One Management" which was initiated by the Governor of Bali.

The Gianyar Regency Health Office also provides access to facilitate the community in providing services at the Puskesmas by presenting the Infokes Mobile application which can be used to register to the Puskesmas online and for people who want to come directly to the Puskesmas also do not need to worry about queues because an e-queue kiosk machine is provided for list independently.

Hopefully the innovation of the Gianyar Regency Health Office and Infokes will always bring convenience to health services in Gianyar Regency, Bali.

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