How is infoKes Mobile Version 2.0 Released Now After Several Months?
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INFOKES.CO.ID, BANDUNG CITY - The infoKes Mobile application Version 2.0 has been broadcasting approximately 2-3 months, which can be downloaded directly on the Playstore. Reviewing the features that are brought in the latest update version of InfoKes Mobile is indeed innovative, which is now that InfoKes Mobile users can see the Health Facilities around them because Infokes deliberately enter the coordinates of Health Facilities that are scattered throughout Indonesia to make it easier and help people who will visit the Health Facility.

Not only that, through this latest feature, Infokes also wants to help people who are traveling to other areas to make it easier to find health facilities if needed, be it hospitals, health centers, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, etc. For other features, Infokes still includes Online Registration and Online Queue Check features.

There is something even more interesting when talking about the update on infoKes Mobile Version 2.0, which is an even more innovative Online Consultation feature, where the public and doctors in Health Facilities can interact via the application so that patients can be more comfortable. Not only that, even during consultation, the community can make video calls with doctors to facilitate it if the community wants to show a wound and consult it.

After its initial release, now infoKes Mobile has been used in real time by people in Health Facilities that have used the Infokes system, namely ePuskesmas services. Because basically the ePuskesmas service is integrated with the InfoKes Mobile application.

Similar to the previous version of InfoKes Mobile, Infokes still provides a quota setting feature for limiting online visits every day, so Health Facilities don't need to worry about an excess buildup of people in Health Facilities.

Currently the Infokes team is still innovating so that the infoKes Mobile application can be maximized in helping Indonesians to make it easier to register for Health Facilities.

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