Sumedang District Health Office Presents eSMS to Facilitate People to Get Medical Treatment at Puskesmas
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INFOKES.CO.ID, SUMEDANG DISTRICT - The Sumedang District Health Office has implemented the ePuskesmas service developed by Infokes Indonesia for about a year. It means, the initial implementation of ePuskesmas services in Sumedang Regency was in the 2019s.

The ePuskesmas service itself in Sumedang Regency is implemented in 32 Puskesmas scattered there. This means that the ePuskesmas service is used throughout the Puskesmas there.

Lots of innovations were born from the collaboration of the Sumedang District Health Office and Infokes Indonesia during the implementation of ePuskesmas services, such as implementing queuing services through the eAntrian application and implementing the SMS Gateway service via the eSMS application and online registration application, namely InfoKes Mobile. These applications are maximized as supporting applications or add-ons from the ePuskesmas itself which are expected to be of benefit to the community there.

The way the eAntrian application works is to manage patient queues at the registration counter so that patients can register independently at the eAntrian Kiosk machine that has been provided by the Puskesmas. Furthermore, the patient just waits in the service room to be examined.

These ideas are ideas that were born from the Secretary of the Sumedang District Health Office, namely Uyu Wahyudin, SKM., M.KM.

Besides eAntrian, Uyu (his nickname) also through Infokes Indonesia presents an application that can be accessed via a smartphone, namely infoKes Mobile. The application that is operated to facilitate registration to the Puskesmas is designed in such a way as to be easy to use by all ages. Apart from registering online, the Mobile Health info service can also be used by people who want to find the closest health facility nearby. You can also consult online with the doctor at your favorite health facility.



Then the last is the innovation of medical treatment at the Puskesmas via SMS. For the elderly people - even those who are not too familiar with smartphones - also pay attention and make it easier through the eSMS application or better known as the SMS Gateway, where the technical work itself is that people who are going to seek treatment only need to send an SMS on the medical list with the format and call center number provided by the server of each Puskesmas.

Currently, the eSMS or SMS Gateway service itself has only been implemented in the following Puskesmas:
- Conggeang Community Health Center
- Darmaraja Health Center
- South Sumedang Community Health Center

Meanwhile, eAntrian Kiosk services can be found at the following Puskesmas:
- Conggeang Community Health Center
- Darmaraja Health Center
- Tanjung Sari Health Center
- South Sumedang Community Health Center
- Tomo Community Health Center
- Puskesmas Situ
- Kaler City Health Center
- Cimanggung Community Health Center

In addition, the infoKes Mobile application is applied to all Puskesmas in the Sumedang District Health Office.

Uyu Wahyudin, SKM., M.KM as the Secretary of the Sumedang Regency Health Office hopes that the implementation of these services in Sumedang Regency can benefit the people in Sumedang Regency, especially in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is hoped that InfoKes Mobile can play a lot and contributed to reducing the Covid-19 number in Indonesia, especially in Sumedang Regency.

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