Launching ePuskesmas NG di Dinas Kesehatan Kabupaten Majalengka
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INFOKES.CO.ID, MAJALENGKA DISTRICT - NG ePuskesmas service was recently launched at the Majalengka District Health Office. In this launching, NG ePuskesmas was immediately included in the Majalengka Raharja program or stands for Religious, Fair, Harmonious and Prosperous.

NG ePuskesmas services are projected to fill the Majalengka Raharja program in terms of health services. NG ePuskesmas was launched in Majalengka Regency on October 27, 2020. On the launching agenda of NG ePuskesmas, many officials in Majalengka Regency were present, from the Head of the Health Service, Head of Puskesmas in Majalengka Regency and the Main Director of Infokes Indonesia of course. Unfortunately the agenda for launching the Regent of Majalengka Regency was unable to attend because there were other needs outside the launching of the NG ePuskesmas.

Before the NG ePuskesmas was launched, actually the Majalengka District Health Office had also implemented the ePuskesmas, only the ePuskesmas service used was still the initial version of the ePuskesmas. While the NG ePuskesmas itself is an update of the initial version of the ePuskesmas, which of course has been enriched in terms of features and has been increased from the system side so that its performance is stable when used. In addition, the NG ePuskesmas service is currently built with a more responsive design, meaning that users who are users of current ePuskesmas services do not need to worry anymore if they suddenly have to access ePuskesmas services because they can be on a smartphone without having to difficult to open the laptop first let alone turn on the PC first. first.

Currently all Puskesmas in Majalengka Regency are receiving on site training at the Puskesmas for the use of NG ePuskesmas by experts from Infokes. This training has been running for about one month before it was launched and will still continue until mid-November 2020.

With the implementation of NG ePuskesmas services, all parties hope that it will be easier in the recapitulation of service reports.

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