ePuskesmas NG Will Soon Launch in Majalengka Regency
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INFOKES.CO.ID, MAJALENGKA DISTRICT - Majalengka Regency, is a district in Tatar Pasundan, West Java Province, Indonesia. Its capital is Majalengka. Majalengka is also the same name used with the name of a Regency located in West Java. As a regency city, of course, this area has its own history and origins.

Talking about Majalengka Regency, we cannot be separated from its Health Office, which has been using ePuskesmas for 3 years at all Puskesmas points in Majalengka Regency or to be precise in 2017.

The ePuskesmas service was launched directly by the Regent of Majalengka Regency. At that time the launching of the ePuskesmas was carried out in a lively manner and was attended by regional officials of Majalengka Regency and representatives of Heads of Puskesmas throughout Majalengka Regency. The one that was launched for the first time in Majalengka Regency is still the initial version of the ePuskesmas service, different from the ePuskesmas service used in Majalengka Regency at this time.

At this time, the Majalengka District Health Office has changed the Health Information System used to the most updated ePuskesmas, namely the NG ePuskesmas service or stands for the Next Generation ePuskesmas. This NG ePuskesmas service was developed by Infokes Indonesia to further stabilize performance, so you could say that this NG ePuskesmas service is faster for speed than its predecessor.

Majalengka Regency itself officially migrated to NG ePuskesmas services in the middle of 2020, or more precisely on October 12, 2020 which was started by Puskesmas Banjaran, Puskesmas Majalengka and Puskesmas Cingambul. Each Puskesmas will perform migration as well as NG ePuskesmas training by the Infokes Indonesia team for three days and will continue until all Puskesmas are trained to use NG ePuskesmas.

On 27 October 2020, the NG ePuskesmas service will be launched by the Regent of Majalengka Regency and will also be used as a program of the Regent with the jargon of Majalengka Raharja which means Religious, Fair, Harmonious and Prosperous on the health side.

With the presence of this NG ePuskesmas, Majalengka Regency hopes that its health condition can be monitored from the Puskesmas level, the Health Office to the Regent level though.

Infokes Indonesia, which acts as an ePuskesmas service provider, hopes that the same thing will be shown by NG ePuskesmas in Majalengka Regency.

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