Majalengka District Health Office Started Implementing NG ePuskesmas
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INFOKES.CO.ID, MAJALENGKA DISTRICT - The Majalengka District Health Office is finally planning the migration process for ePuskesmas services to the NG ePuskesmas version starting on October 12, 2020.

The Majalengka District Health Office has implemented ePuskesmas services from 2017 which at that time was programmed for all Puskesmas points in Majalengka Regency. During the implementation, the ePuskesmas service has actually been maximized by the Health Office and Puskesmas or there are almost no complaints.

Entering 2018, the ePuskesmas service received a system update and was born with a new name ePuskesmas Next Generation or abbreviated as NG ePuskesmas which requires every Puskesmas that uses ePuskesmas services to update the system they use to the NG ePuskesmas service and one of them is the Majalengka District Health Office and all its Puskesmas points .

At first the NG ePuskesmas in Majalengka Regency was initiated by the Sindangwangi Community Health Center which was also a pilot for NG ePuskesmas users in Majalengka Regency before finally being followed by all Puskesmas in Majalengka Regency.

On October 12, 2020, the Majalengka District Health Office began scheduling migration for 31 Puskesmas that still had not migrated to NG ePuskesmas starting from Puskesmas Majalengka, Puskesmas Cingambul and Puskesmas Banjaran which other Puskesmas will also follow on scheduled dates for migration.

During the migration process, every Puskesmas whose migration is scheduled will receive assistance / training from the Infokes team in its use. The Infokes team involved in the mentoring / training included Andri Maulana (Field Technical Officer), M. Egi Firmansyah (Field Technical Officer) and Apris Sundiana (Field Technical Officer).



The team assigned to accompany the migration process is a team that is already competent in their field and will accompany the migration process for three days per Puskesmas.

With the implementation of the NG ePuskesmas service in Majalengka Regency, it is hoped that it can maximize patient services at the Puskesmas and make it easier to recapitulate the reports needed by the Puskesmas and the Health Service

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