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INFOKES.CO.ID, BANDUNG CITY - eClinic is a web-based patient management application that helps service performance and data processing in clinics such as patient registration, patient examination, operational reports and others. eClinic uses Cloud Computing so that the application does not need to be installed on a specific device. eClinic has collaborated with BPJS to integrate with each other so that the clinic does not need to register patients twice or double input.

eClinic was launched by Infokes Indonesia in 2017 at a hotel in Bandung. When eClinic was launched, many invitations attended, ranging from clinic owners, doctors, nurses, midwives to former Health Minister Prof. Dr. dr. H. Faried Anfasa Moeloek, Sp.OG. Also present to enliven the launch of eClinic which coincides with the launch of InfoKes Mobile.

Currently the eClinic Infokes Indonesia service has been implemented in approximately 119 clinics spread throughout Indonesia.

When it comes to features and modules, this eClinic service has a myriad of features and modules that are needed by the Clinic. Some of the features highlighted by the eClinic service include:

BPJS IntegratedEClinic integration with pCare to prevent Double Input processing

Cloud ComputingNo need to install applications on certain devices

Responsive DesignSupports all kinds of displays on smart devices

Automatic ReportsAutomatically recapitulates all clinical operational reports

Online ReservationReservation with clinic or doctor online

Monitoring SystemMonitor the clinic in person and online

Then what if our clinic wants to use eClinic? We only need to visit the official website at or you can also email

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