eClinic assistance at Az-Zahra Clinic
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INFOKES.CO.ID, TANGERANG CITY - Az-Zahra Clinic, located on Jl. Comp. Purnabhakti Sitanala, Tangerang City just used eClinic and received training from September 14 to 15, 2020.

Az-Zahra Clinic is firmly implementing the eClinic service this year after previously both parties regularly communicated until finally a commitment was created from the Az-Zahra Clinic to use the eClinic Infokes Indonesia service.

On that date, the Az-Zahra Clinic was trained by Apris Sundiana (Field Technical Officer) for two days, starting from officers at registration counters, doctors and nurses at services, pharmacists at pharmacies to cashiers explained the procedures for using eClinic services by the Infokes team. brought directly from Bandung in order to guide the use of the application properly.

The owner and all officers at the Az-Zahra Clinic are happy to be able to implement the eClinic service and hope that eClinic can play a lot in helping services at the Az-Zahra Clinic.

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