ePuskesmas Audience with the Sragen District Health Office
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INFOKES.CO.ID, KABUPATEN SRAGEN - Currently ePuskesmas service in Central Java has been implemented in Pekalongan Regency and has not touched other cities / regencies there.


On September 9, 2020, the Infokes Indonesia team visited the Sragen District Health Office in Central Java Province to socialize ePuskesmas services. And this is a follow-up roadshow from Infokes after the roadshow for East Java and Bali Provinces.


A series of trips from Infokes Indonesia was none other than because Infokes wanted to provide a Health Information System solution, especially in this new normal condition.


If later the Sragen District Health Office implements ePuskesmas services, Sragen Regency will become the second regency in Central Java Province to become ePuskesmas users after Pekalongan Regency which was previously mentioned.


The Sragen Regency Health Office also positively welcomes the ePuskesmas service, but has not decided whether to use it or not because there has been no further chat from the internal staff of the Sragen Regency Health Office.
In the future, hopefully this ePuskesmas service can be implemented directly in all Puskesmas in Sragen Regency.

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