eClinic assistance at Citra Sejahtera Clinic, Tangerang City
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INFOKES.CO.ID, KOTA TANGERANG - eClinic is one of the product services released by Infokes Indonesia in early 2017.


Asri Husada Clinic, which started the implementation of eClinic services and now there more 200 clinics users which spread throughout Indonesia.

eClinic service has set foot in Papua.


From year to year the growth of eClinic is felt to be quite significant, the percentage is always increasing, especially in the province of Banten.


One by one the Association of Clinics there began to implement eClinic services, including one of which is Citra Sejahtera Clinic which recently implemented eClinic services on July 23, 2020.


Citra Sejahtera Clinic is a new partner of Infokes Indonesia which is committed to implement eClinic services.
On July 23, 2020, Citra Sejahtera Clinic was accompanied by Andri Maulana (Field Technical Officer) and M. Irfan Alfian (Business Development Officer) for how to use eClinic services.



Previously it was indeed Citra Sejahtera Clinic who asked directly for the Infokes team to accompany the site on the Clinic for initial implementation, and Infokes approved the request.


Both parties hope that by implementing the eClinic service at the Citra Sejahtera Clinic, it will help a lot of services at the Clinic so that it is more optimal, as well as all required report summaries can be met by eClinic services.

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