Joint Webinar Telkom Group and East Java Provincial Government
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INFOKES.CO.ID, KOTA BANDUNG - Telkom Group initiate a webinar "WEBINAR DIGITAL HEALTHCARE: Answering New - Normal Challenges with Tele Medika" which will be implemented in East Java.


The agenda implemented on July 21, 2020 via video conference so that all parties involved remained within safe limits amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The participat involved Telkom, Admedika, Infomedia and Infokes from the Telkom Group. From East Java Provincial Government followed by the East Java Provincial Health Office, East Java City / District Health Office, and East Java Hospital representatives.

The agenda discusses more about digital solutions for health facilities in the new normal era that will be faced. Telkom Group invited in this forum is to provide solutions to the needs of health facilities in East Java Province through products that have been produced by the Telkom Group.

In this case, every company under Telkom Group presented the solutions and needs of each health facility in the Province of East Java, starting from the presentation of solutions from Admedika, presentation of solutions from Infomedia and of course Infokes Indonesia.

Infokes Indonesia presents ePuskesmas solutions that can be used to digitize services in the health facilities. In addition, Infokes also added the InfoKes Mobile service as an additional support for dealing with new habits in the health facilities.

InfoKes Mobile considered quite effective and will have a major impact on the implementation of new normal because people will no longer need to queue at the registration counter when they will seek treatment at the health facility because the online list feature has been provided at infoKes Mobile which can be utilized anytime as long as the target health facility is still open.

In addition to online listings, InfoKes Mobile also provides a feature to check queues at the health facilities in real time so that people can estimate their own time of arrival to health facilities without crowding so that they continue to comply with social distancing procedures implemented by the Indonesian government.

Infokes also added that InfoKes Mobile has also added a self-screening feature, so people can use the feature to find out whether they are at risk of COVID-19 or not.

Infokes added, there are special criteria to be able to maximize the InfoKes Mobile service by implementing the Infokes service first, ePuskesmas.

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