eClinic Track Record in Indonesia
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INFOKES.CO.ID, BANDUNG CITY - eClinic is a Health Information System developed by Infokes Indonesia dan launched in 2017


eClinic is designed to facilitate clinical services with all the modules that are included in it.


In 2017 the launching of eClinic was attended by a series of great people in the field of health, one of them was the former Minister of Health 1998-1999 Prof. Dr. Farid A. Moeloek, SpoG.


When eClinic was launched, the clinic that first implemented eClinic was the Pratama Asri Husada Clinic, which is  until now is still committed to use eClinic services.


eClinic services began to spread to various cities and districts in Indonesia.


Currently, eClinic service users have reached around 200 clinics, even one of which is in Papua.


Every year eClinic services always increase although not as significant as ePuskesmas but gradually eClinic services start showing their fangs.


eClinic services continue to be improved in order to continue to provide maximum service to support the digitization of services and reporting required by the clinic.

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