Corona Update June 30: 56,385 Positive, 24,806 Heal
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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - The cumulative number of positive cases of corona virus (Covid-19) in Indonesia as of Tuesday (6/30) reached 56,385 people. Of these, 24,806 patients were declared cured and 2,876 others died.

"We have positive confirmation cases today 1,293 people, bringing the total confirmation to 56,385 people," Government Spokesperson for Covid-19 Achmad Yurianto said in an official statement at the Task Force Media Center, Graha National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), Jakarta, Tuesday (6/29).

While the patient recovered increased 1,006 people and the patient died increased 71 people. The data is data collected by Covid-19 Handling Task Force until 12.00 WIB.

The number of positive cases today has increased compared to yesterday. On Monday (29/6), there were 55,092 positive cases. Of that number, 23,800 people were declared cured and 2,805 others died.

In total there are 41,605 people under monitoring (ODP) who are still being monitored and 13,335 people are being monitored. The data was taken from 34 provinces and 448 districts / cities in the country.

According to Yuri, the number of positive cases is not spread evenly throughout Indonesia, but there are some regions that have high numbers of additions. But there are some who do not report any positive cases.

Data from the top five provinces with the most cumulative positive cases until yesterday were East Java 11,805, DKI Jakarta 11,237, South Sulawesi 4,995, Central Java 3,680 and West Java 3,134.

Meanwhile the distribution of positive cases of corona virus spread in Aceh 79 cases, Bali 1,444 cases, Banten 1,444 cases, Bangka Belitung 152 cases, Bengkulu 125 cases, Yogyakarta 306 cases.

Furthermore in Jambi 117 cases, West Kalimantan 321 cases, East Kalimantan 510 cases, Central Kalimantan 881 cases, South Kalimantan 3,042 cases, and North Kalimantan 204 cases.

Then in Riau Islands 293 cases, West Nusa Tenggara 1,213 cases, South Sumatra 2,023 cases, West Sumatra 725 cases, North Sulawesi 1,082 cases, North Sumatra 1,480 cases, and Southeast Sulawesi 345 cases.

Whereas in Central Sulawesi 186 cases, Lampung 188 cases, Riau 226 cases, North Maluku 719 cases, Maluku 726 cases, West Papua 237 cases, Papua 1,699 cases, West Sulawesi 114 cases, East Nusa Tenggara 113 cases and Gorontalo 243 cases and in the process verification there are four.

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Photo: The officer helps one of the relatives to contact the patient through a video call service at the National Center General Hospital (RSUPN) Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo, Jakarta. (CNNIndonesia / Adhi Wicaksono)


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