President: Prepare New Breakthroughs to Accelerate Handling of Pandemic
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President Joko Widodo asks for a new breakthrough that impacts on the handling of Covid-19 pandemic in the community. The President conducts an evaluation on handling of pandemic in context to accelerate handling of Covid-19. Gedung Merdeka, Monday 29th June 2020.

"I ask that we work not linearly. I want a breakthrough that could be perceived by the public," He said

several provinces are known to still have a high Covid-19 distribution rate. To speed up handling in the province or in certain areas, the President wants to have additional personnel or medical personnel and addition of medical equipment that can help handling.

The Precident aks his staff to supervise and provide guidance for regions that would start towards a period of adaptation to new habits. The central government must step down to provide guidance to the regions regarding the stages that must be passed before reopening public and commercial facilities and activities.

"I want to see the areas that are starting to enter the new normal. The stages are really passed through whether it is precondition, when is the timing, given guidance, there is guidance from the center so they are not mistaken. There are preconditions, timing accuracy, then the third is which sector priorities are opened. That is really given guidance, "said the President.

The socialization of the application of the discipline of health protocol must also be carried out on a large scale by involving elements and community leaders and religion. In a number of areas, there are many cases of public rejection of PCR examinations and rapid tests as an effort to prevent the spread of a pandemic that must be addressed immediately with persuasive socialization.

"Examination of PCR and rapid test that is rejected by the community. This is because of what? Maybe people come using PCR, come and bring (tools) rapid test, there is no explanation and socialization beforehand to the people to be visited so what happens is rejection, "he said.

In terms of payment and financial assistance for health services and medical personnel, President Joko Widodo also instructed that the disbursement of funds that has been prepared could be done immediately. For example for compensation assistance, payment of hospital claims, to incentives for medical workers.

"There must be no complaints. The compensation assistance should be as soon as (the patient) dies. The assistance must be provided immediately. Do not let the procedures in the Ministry of Health to be cut. Do not beat around the bush. If the regulation in the Permen is too complicated, it is simplified, "he said.

"Payment of hospital claims as soon as possible. Incentives for medical personnel as soon as possible. Incentives for lab workers as soon as possible. What are we waiting for? The budget is already there," added the President.

Ending his directive, the Head of State invited all parties to work together to make effective the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia. At present it is needed an integrated handling and control between one another between ministries and institutions as well as the central and regional governments.

"There are no more sectoral egos of ministries, institutions, regions, let alone individual paths. I think we must eliminate them immediately," he said.


Jakarta, 29 June 2020 Press, Media and Information Bureau of the Presidential Secretariat

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