How to use an effective medical mask
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Using a medical mask is one way to prevent transmission of airway diseases, including COVID-19 infection. However, the use of a mask alone is still insufficient to protect a person from this infection, so it must be accompanied by other prevention efforts. The use of masks must be combined with hand hygiene and other prevention efforts.

The use of medical masks is not appropriate as indicated may not be necessary, because in addition to increasing the burden on the economy, the use of the wrong mask can reduce its effectiveness and can make ordinary people ignore the importance of other prevention efforts that are just as important as hand hygiene and healthy living behavior.

How to use an effective medical mask:


  • Wear the mask carefully to cover the mouth and nose, then tighten well to minimize the gap between the mask and the face
  • When used, avoid touching the mask.
  • Remove the mask with the correct techniques (for example; do not touch the front of the mask, but release from the back and inside.)
  • After removing if accidentally touching a mask that has been used immediately wash your hands.
  • Use a new mask that is clean and dry, replace the mask immediately if the mask used starts to feel moist.
  • Do not reuse masks that have been used.
  • Dispose of the disposable mask immediately and do medical waste processing according to the SOP.
  • Masks for clothes like cotton are not recommended.


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