Infokes Indonesia and Jakarta Smart City Collaboration Through Jakarta Kini Application (JAKI)
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INFOKES.CO.ID, JAKARTA- Jakarta Kini (JAKI) is a community service application that was launched by the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta on September 27, 2019 which aims to meet information needs and integrate all community services. In other words, JAKI is an application center for information and services for various needs in Jakarta.

Through the JAKI application, Infokes Indonesia will also contribute in providing health information. Later there will be information provided to the public in terms of BPJS status check, see the queue of patients seeking treatment at public health services, consultation with relevant doctors to register online at public health services (Puskesmas, Clinics).

Actually, Infokes Indonesia itself has discussed with the people behind the JAKI application through the Smart City Nusantara program, which in the past few years was initiated in several major cities in Indonesia, more precisely with Jakarta Smart City on February 12, 2020.


Photo: Infokes Indonesia and Jakarta Smart City Collaboration in the Jakarta Kini application (JAKI)

At the meeting scheduled at the DKI Jakarta Provincial City Hall, the Infokes Indonesia and Jakarta Smart City discussed more about health information that was not yet included in the JAKI application, so the Jakarta Smart City asked Infokes Indonesia to contribute as a Back-End in developing the JAKI application. health information side.

Contributions made by Infokes Indonesia will be carried out in stages to complete health information in the JAKI application, then Infokes Indonesia and Jakarta Smart City will meet again to begin the initial steps of the Infokes Indonesia collaboration in the JAKI application.

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