Evaluation of ePuskesmas NG at Sumedang District Health Office, West Java
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INFOKES.CO.ID, SUMEDANG DISTRICT - One year the Sumedang District Health Office (Dinkes) implemented the NG ePuskesmas service since 2019. In 2019, all health center points in Sumedang Regency began using ePuskesmas services accompanied by the Infokes Indonesia team first. during the initial implementation process.

The evaluation activity itself is actually a service from Infokes Indonesia for all users of its product services, including the Sumedang District Health Office. In terms of evaluating product services, usually Infokes Indonesia and the Health Office provide a place where all users of ePuskesmas services can interact with Infokes Indonesia to discuss matters that they feel need to be discussed.

There was something different about the evaluation activity at the Sumedang District Health Office, besides being used to discuss NG ePuskesmas services, the activity was scheduled to sign a subscription contract for ePuskesmas services for 2020 as a form of commitment and synergy between Infokes Indonesia and the Sumedang District Health Office and all the point of the puskesmas.


Photo: Signing of the 2020 ePuskesmas Service Cooperation Contract with the Sumedang District Health Office

The evaluation which was carried out on 7 February 2020 was attended by the Sumedang District Health Office, Representatives of All Puskesmas and Muhamad Azhar (Business Development) and Harry Zustiman (Business Development) as representatives of Infokes Indonesia.

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