Infokes Support Smart City Expo in eHealth Solution
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INFOKES.CO.ID, JAKARTA SELATAN- with Telkom Group subsidiary in providing services or products that can help and facilitate services in government and industry. The program which was inaugurated on May 19, 2016 also functions as feedback for Telkom to be able to find out the needs of each region in Indonesia.


Every year Telkom always provides a forum through the Smart City Nusantara Expo which is always crowded with cities or districts to introduce programs that are being carried by a city or district that is wrapped in the Smart City Nusantara program.


In 2019 the Smart City Nusantara Expo was held at Balai Sudirman, Tebet, South Jakarta with the same theme "Movement Towards Smart City 100". This year is phase III after in stage I, in which 25 cities / districts were selected in 2017, phase II in 2018 involved 50 cities / districts and in phase III in 2019 25 cities / districts were selected to complete 100 regions targeted by this movement.


Photo: Smart City Booth Indramayu District


The event, which was held on November 5 to November 7, 2019, was a start so that every City / Regency could show off with programs that were or were running before it would finally be appointed at the "Smart City World Congress" 2019 in Barcelona.


Photo: Smart City Booth Banjarbaru City


Many programs are promoted by Smart City Nusantara, including eHealth Solution, one of which is in terms of health services. Infokes Indonesia is present as a health service provider with its NG ePuskesmas services. ePuskesmas NG itself is included in the Smart City program implemented in several Cities / Regencies that are included in 100 Cities / Regencies "Movement Towards Smart City 100" because ePuskesmas can be integrated with several other services such as BPJS Health, Population and Civil Registry Office, eDinkes up to the Ministry of Health so that the data entered in the NG ePuskesmas services can be monitored and processed directly by the relevant Dinas.

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