First Pioneer of ePuskesmas Finally All Migration to ePuskesmas NG
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INFOKES.CO.ID, BEKASI DISTRICT- ePuskesmas first appeared in 2013 which at the time ePuskesmas was still considered "premature" and the modules that were available were still very limited in contrast to the current ePuskesmas which had more complete features.


In the same year as the birth of ePuskesmas, Bekasi District Health Office was willing to use ePuskesmas and became the first Health Service to implement ePuskesmas at that time. On the basis of cooperation and synergy between Infokes Indonesia and the Bekasi District Health Office, the implementation of ePuskesmas services in all Bekasi District Health Centers.


If you look at this history it means that the Bekasi District Health Office has been implementing ePuskesmas for more than 6 years until 2019. The great enthusiasm was shown by all the parliaments in Bekasi District Health Office, it can all be seen from the running of ePuskesmas services to date.


It did not stop there, again the Bekasi District Health Office showed enormous enthusiasm by scheduling migration to the latest Infokes Indonesia ePuskesmas service, or now better known as eGroup NG (Next Generation) and carrying out re-mentoring in all Puskesmas in Bekasi District by presenting a team from Infokes Indonesia directly.


ePuskesmas NG itself is a new innovation from Infokes Indonesia which was born in 2018 and has now begun to be implemented by cities / regencies that have become ePuskesmas users, there are also new ePuskesmas users among them.


The agenda was carried out from 19 August 2019 until 3 October 2019. For approximately three months all Puskesmas in Bekasi District alternately accompanied by the migration process and the implementation of the NG ePuskesmas by the team from Infokes Indonesia. There were many positive responses from each Puskesmas during the migration process of NG ePuskesmas in all Bekasi Puskesmas.

 "Hopefully, with the presence of NG ePuskesmas in Bekasi District, it can further maximize public health services and help Puskesmas in terms of its reporting recap." Hope one of the Head of the Puskesmas.


Photo: NG ePuskesmas assistance in one of the Bekasi district health centers

 Now NG ePuskesmas services have been run in all Bekasi District Health Centers along with the end of the assistance and migration process. Before the process of assisting and migrating to the NG ePuskesmas in Bekasi District Health Office, an evaluation was also held at the Java Palace Hotel, Bekasi Regency which was also attended by all the Bekasi District Health Office parliaments from Health Service representatives, Puskesmas representatives and assisting teams from Infokes Indonesia. The evaluation agenda is an agenda for formulating the problems that occur during the mentoring and finding concrete steps for its solution as well as closing the series of NPuskesmas NG mentoring agendas that have been carried out for approximately three months.


Photo: Joint Photo of the entire Parliament of Bekasi District Health Office and Infokes Indonesia

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